Stress and Anxiety

Most people will experience some form of stress and anxiety at some stage in their lives.

Stress is often caused when we feel under pressure or when too many demands, be that physically or emotionally, are placed upon us. It can also be triggered by an event that makes you feel frustrated or nervous.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry or unease and can often be a stress reaction.

Sometimes, we can thrive on a bit of stress. It helps us narrow our focus and overcome challenges or situations… in the short term. Long term, however, stress and anxiety can have an impact on your daily life.

Some examples of everyday stress and anxiety are things like worrying about a job interview, meeting new people or having to stand up in front of a group of people. The symptoms of these could include:

  • accelerated heartbeat
  • rapid breathing
  • dizziness
  • sweating
  • shaking
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • tension in the muscles
  • trouble sleeping

As well as the physical signs, you may also experience some of the emotional symptoms:

  • panic
  • nervousness
  • anger
  • restlessness
  • pessimistic thoughts

The good news is that stress and anxiety are treatable conditions.

Using solution-focused hypnotherapy, I can help lower your stress and anxiety levels and help you take back control of your life.

Together, we will take positive steps towards solutions that will, in turn, make you think more confidently about yourself and deal with any challenges in a calm and collected manner.

Hypnosis alone will not create the changes you require. However, when combined with therapy powerful changes can happen.

  1. Has stress and anxiety started to control your life?
  2. Are you making bad decisions?
  3. Are you avoiding certain situations because of the fear of what might happen?

Then maybe it’s time to talk to someone – I can help you.